Easy Going

It was a great rush of excitement as the plane approached the continent. Everything was going super. I was originally going to skip London, but when Duncan invited me to visit, I had changed things to arrange a one-week stay. When I checked-in at Heathrow, I mentioned the £25 I owed to change the ticket. The agent offered that I must have paid with credit card, or that he was otherwise unaware of the charge.

Actually, “are you in a hurry to get to Amsterdam?”

“Can’t say that I am.”

I agreed to be placed on a contingency list, that should it come to pass, I’d volunteer my seat for one on the next flight, a few hours later, and be rewarded with £50 for my easy-going nature.

Come boarding, I was indeed asked to stand aside and wait, as all of those uncomfortable middle seats, including my own, had filled up. In the end, I was placed in first class, and treated to tea, sandwiches, a biscuit and jam.

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