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Recently unearthed rant that became a discussion:

What the fuck is this Krispy Kreme shit?

I thought it was some sort of California thing, at first. You know, to go with the 50s theme of In and Out, you wander over to the Krispy Kreme, and then you have your gay donuts to go with your gay upside-down hamburgers.

But like, my mom is all hip to Krispy Kreme back in the midwest. And everyone LOVEs the brand for some reason. Back when we used to get Dunkin Donuts, bigger donuts, very fresh, chock full of evil, people would be “hey, i got some donuts …” but now NOOOOO, it’s “HEY!!!! I AM SO COOLL!!!! I GOT YA SOME KRISPY KREMES!!!!”

Where the hell does this shit come from? Why are people our age keen on donuts anyway? Especially nasty little Krispy Kremes? They’re just little chunks of lard that aren’t all that tasty anyway … ?!

Well, one thing that’s cool about Dunkin Donuts, they don’t keep stuff more than four hours, so if you’re homeless you can go by the Dunkin Donuts and get lotsa OLD donuts. This only makes sense, because all the powerful medicine those donuts are stuffed with could go really evil after about four hours. Best to let the bums have them, for they have more powerful stomachs.

Anyway, where’s there a DunkinFuckinDonuts around here?

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