Severe Rust Damage

So, what has happened since last here I did spake? The biggest thing is Lucy is not feeling well. I adjusted the brakes, and while they work, I’d like them better – tight adjusting stars, you know? Well, she doesn’t idle anymore …

So i figured I’d take her to this impressive sounding place – AutoWorks, for the royal treatment.

They called me back saying she had severe rust damage and couldn’t be racked, or given the things they really should do it would be just way more than the car is worth fixing.

Oh woe is Lucy. Poor girl. Too long in the Midwest.

But I need a car that’s happy enough to get around, and so, searching the Excite classifieds, I found a Volvo station wagon.

Now this is the car I need – an old car with a solid reputation, that never dies, and being a wagon it can haul shit around. I could buy lumber to build my bed and other shopping ordeals without having to drag anyone else, like Dave, along with it.

You see, shoping with Dave is not a good thing. He’s even more of a guy than me, and the conclusion tends to be the first, nice, expensive sonsumer item. Well, by bedroom needs much more personality than that.

So, once I score a ride, I’m going to check this puppy out. It’s stick shift even, and the $1,000 is right in my price range.

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