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Tue Mar 3 22:57:21 CST 1998

Manic Depression is touchin’ my soul!

I know what I want but I just don’t know!
(How to go about gettin’ it.)

Feelin’ sweet feelin’
I wish I could caress, and kiss.

Manic Depression’s a frustrating mess!

Today I was depressed. Not for any good reason, mind you, I think it’s kinda like garbage collection. I slept through my morning classes and I’m starting to feel a little better now.

Too much thinking about women, that old Beavis screaming how it’s unfair and we’re never gonna score kinda thing was part of that, and a whole symphony of other things … some of my most important people are feeling kinda down in the dumps too, for respective reasons, and I may have carried off some of that.

All’s fair in love and war, for a good cause.

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