On yet another note … well;

set wm=3
set shiftwidth=3
set verbose
set sm
ab sh1 <h1></h1>
ab sh1c <h1 align="center"></h1>
ab sh3 <h3></h3>
ab sh3c <h3 align="center"></h3>
ab shr <hr>
ab shr50 <hr width="50%">
ab shref <a href=""></a>
ab smailto <a href="mailto:djhoward@uiuc.edu">djhoward@uiuc.edu</a>
ab sbold <b></b>
ab sital <i></i>
ab sstr <strong></strong>
ab sem <em></em>

Still, I’d like to make things even nicer, so I might type;
This word is sitalitalicised[ESC].
And it might be rendered as;
This word is <i>italicised</i>.

We’ll see … vi is cool.

Later that Night …

Well, I hadn’t intended to waste my night on vi … but what the heck … after learning far more about vi than I ever originally intended;

set wm=3
set shiftwidth=3
set sm
map sh1 i<h1></h1>4hi
map shc1 i<h1 align="center"></h1>4hi
map sh3 i<h3></h3>4hi
map shc3 i<h3 align="center"></h3>4hi
ab shr <hr>
ab shr50 <hr width="50%">
map shref i <a href=""></a>5hi
ab smailto <a href="mailto:djhoward@uiuc.edu">djhoward@uiuc.edu</a>
map sb i <b></b>3hi
map si i <i></i>3hi
map sstr i <strong></strong>8hi
map sem i <em></em>4hi

Yes, my children, strong medicine there. Not really strong, but strong enough to warm my cockles for now.

And the agenda for tomorrow? Head on out towards Grandma to aid in her connectivity. I should get some rest now though, I’ll try to be around to write more tomorrow night, maybe morning? I haven’t scratched the surface of what I should say tonight. Sawree, but it is 0230h!

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