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Danny Squared My name is Daniel Howard. I grew up in Chicago, and I live in San Francisco Brooklyn Mountain View Sunnyvale, CA. I was born in 1976: the year of the American Bicentennial. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Rhetoric, but I make my living as a Systems Administrator.

I enjoy writing, and I started publishing on the web in 1995, and an online journal in 1996. I will introduce you further on the Welcome page, or you can start exploring on your own . . .

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Recently Posted

July 19, 2016

Testimonial: SSLMate

Next time you have to deal with SSL I would say “go to sslmate.com and follow the instructions and you’ll be in a happy place.”

July 18, 2016

. . . Convincing?

Convince me to vote for Hillary . . . in Bernie Sanders’ own words.

July 1, 2016

Ansible: Copy Agent Keys to Remote Servers

There are lots of examples that involve file lookups for blah blah blah dot pub but why not just get a list from the agent?

May 17, 2016

Notes on Maude Bicycle Lane in Sunnyvale

In 2006, Sunnyvale applied for funding to add bicycle lanes on Maude Ave from Mathilda to Fair Oaks . . .

April 21, 2016

Ubuntu 16.04 Reactions

Xerus: an African ground squirrel.

April 12, 2016

Divine the “Changelog” From Git

How does one divine the differences between these versions?

March 24, 2016

Technology Journey Back in Time

Alas, the Internet contains wonders, like this guy getting a 50 year old modem to work . . .

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