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Chevy: Creatively Bankrupt

So, apparently Chevy has run out of ideas not only on building cars, but for marketing them as well. So, they’re inviting people on the Internet to make commercials for them. The “best” commercial gets some sort of prize.

I like meekay’s commercial. Sums up my feelings when I see such a powerful, capable car.

“I’ve got stuff to buy!”

Thanks, Mike!

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  • -berto

    I love it. Not that I should talk, I drive an ethanol-capable Ford Explorer, and it eagerly chugs alcohol or gas, although I do save 30-50 cents a gallon when I fill up with alcohol. I will say this- ethanol exhaust fumes smell like a cross between vinegar and stale wine. I wish there were more E85 stations around though. To put things in a historical perspective, The first Ford Model T’s were designed to run on ethanol and the first Mercedes diesels ran on vegetable oil. The more things change, the more likely they’ll return to square one.

  • Chris

    YAY!! Finally truth in advertising!